Connect to eduroam

Connect to eduroam

Duke students, faculty and staff can access the eduroam secure wireless network at thousands of participating universities, research centers and other sites around the world.  You just need your valid Duke NetID and password to connect at locations in more than fifty countries.  

Set up your laptop, tablet or smartphone for eduroam before you travel.  Detailed setup instructions are available online, but for many devices, setup is just a two-step process:   

  • From Duke's campus, browse the wireless networks available to you and connect to the eduroam network.  
  • When asked, enter your Duke NetID (in the form as your username/identity, and provide your Duke password.


Some devices require more set-up steps.  Get instructions for your specific device. 

Be sure to use Duke's VPN service as well for wider access to Duke online resources when traveling.  

Visitors to Duke from other participating institutions can use their credentials from their home institution to log in to eduroam while at Duke.

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