Virtual Computing

OIT provides both virtual servers and personal virtual environments that allow faculty, staff and students to take advantage of flexible and scalable server environments and customized, remote computing environments.

  • VMWare Virtual Server Hosting - Virtual Servers provisioned off of a shared set of OIT VMWare ESX clusters.  By utiliizing this centralized virtual environment, there are numerous cost, reliability, and supportability benefits that can be realized.

Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) Service

OIT now provides a reservation and provisioning system to allow remote access to individual compute environments running under Windows and Linux. This service is called VCL - Virtual Computer Lab - and is particularly useful for remote access to custom operating system and application environments such as those found in computer labs on campus. VCL allows authorized users to reserve access to a compute environment,  by creating a running instance of that environment on a centrally hosted compute cluster. The user accesses the system via remote desktop, which makes it possible to run lab software without visiting the lab in person - this is particularly useful for  providing on-demand access without dedicating hardware to intermittently used applications. To discuss this service, contact John Robinson at
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