Duke OIT VMware Server Hosting

OIT maintains a centralized VMware ESX environment that provides virtual servers (VMs) to both OIT supported services as well as applications and services supported by the departments and schools across Duke University.  In addition to the base VM provided, OIT offers several levels of additional System Administration offerings to meet the varried usage requirements of VM's at Duke including:

  • Self Administration - No additional Sys Admin beyond the Standard 24/7 OIT VMware Service
  • Standard OIT-SI OS System Administration (8/5 or 24/7) - For customers who require OIT-SI to provide typical OS Level System Administration.
  • Webhosting OIT-SI System Administration (8/5 or 24/7) - For webhosting customers who require OIT-SI to provide both OS as well as the additional webhosting level of Sys Admin
  • Protected Network - OIT has designated a specialized secure network, or “protected network,” dedicated to hosting virtual machines (VMs) and storage that house “protected data.”   Features of the protected network service include administration of all VMs by OIT, encrypted backup of the data, firewall protection, and accessibility only via VPN.

Standard Offerings

To meet the needs of a majority of OIT's VM requests and to provide a consistent offering, a set of standard offerings and processes has been created and details can be found at the following links:

Getting Support

Support requests for existing VMware Service customers should go to the OIT Service Desk.