Guest Access to Duke IT Resources

Individuals who need access to Duke University and Duke Medicine information technology (IT)  resources and are not Duke students, staff or faculty are considered "guests."

Duke will provision a guest account according to the services needed and how long a guest's access to those services is required. The information below provides detail on available types of guest accounts.

Sponsored Guest Accounts for General Access to Duke IT Resources

In order to further Duke's mission of research, education and collaboration, an active Duke faculty or staff member may "sponsor" a guest. A sponsor who requests a guest account agrees to vouch for the guests's formal relationship with Duke and to remove the guest account when the relationship ends. Sponsored guest accounts may be granted to contractors, hospital volunteers, community physicians, visiting faculty or students, and external research collaborators. The sponsored guest account will grant the guest access to Duke University and Duke Medicine IT resources, which may include a Duke NetID, email account, DukeCard or other services. (To request access to Duke Medicine servicess for a University faculty or staff member, see Duke Medicine Affiliate Accounts below).

Duke has explicit policies regarding guest accounts, which include automatic expirations and how requests for renewals are processed. Read the policies before requesting a guest account.

Adding New Guest Accounts

Before you request a guest account, verify that the guest does not already have an account. Log in to Duke's account self-service tool and perform a directory search for the guest. 

  • If the guest is found, he/she already has access to Duke services. If additional access is needed, contact the OIT Service Desk.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will provision the services and notify the guest by email when the account has been established.

Managing Existing Guest Accounts

If you have sponsored guests, you can use the Guest Account Service tool to manage these accounts. In addition to requesting new guest accounts, you can:

  • View a pending guest account (check the status of accounts still being processed).
  • View upcoming expirations.
  • View, update, transfer or disable current guest accounts.

Duke Medicine Affiliate Accounts for Non-Duke Medicine Faculty, Staff and Students

In some cases, University faculty, staff and students outside of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing may need additional access to Duke Medicine resources, such as a Duke Medicine active directory account, or remote access to the Duke Medicine network via VPN.

Note: Duke Medicine Affiliate Accounts should not be confused with Sponsored Guest Accounts (above). Duke Medicine Affiliate Accounts are an extension of access to Duke resources granted to faculty, staff or students already associated with the University.

Duke Medicine Affiliate Accounts can be requested using the same guest account tool, by selecting the option "Request a Duke Medicine DHE Account for an existing Duke employee or student." Once the request is initiated, it will be forwarded to the Duke Medicine Information Security Office ( for approval.

Visitor Access to Collaborative Web Resources

Duke provides short-term visitor access to some services based on the OpenID framework. The Sakai and WordPress support sites provide detail on how to request this access. The course or site owner can request access on behalf of the guest and extend or terminate the access, which is limited to a particular site or course.

Student-Granted Accounts for Access to Student Records

Students can grant parents, employers, spouses or others access to view certain elements of their student record. Students can select what access a particular guest may have (e.g., the guest may view the student's bill, but not grades). Students may grant a  different level of access to each guest. To learn more, visit