IM at Duke: Jabber for Tiger

iChat Setup

The recommended Jabber client for Mac users is Adium. However, the iChat client included with Mac OS X Tiger supports Jabber and provides a special feature for Mac users that other Jabber users don't have – the ability to audio conference with up to 10 other users and videoconference with up to three other users.

iChat Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • A .Mac or AOL Instant Messenger account (The iChat client requires the configuration of a .Mac or AIM account for initial configuration, then provides the Jabber configuration options.)

Configuring iChat

1. Launch iChat.

2. In the window that appears, provide your first and last name in the spaces provided.

3. Indicate the account type (.Mac or AIM) and the account name in the space provided. No password is necessary at this time. Click Continue.

4. In the next window, check the Use Jabber Instant Messaging box. Enter, replacing yourNetID with your Duke NetID. No password is necessary at this time. Click Continue.

5. If desired, you can enable Bonjour Messaging to find people who are online in the same network as your computer. Otherwise, click Continue.

6. Optional: You can set up iChat AV. Otherwise, click Continue, then Done.

7. You will be prompted for your password and will receive a Non-secure Jabber Login warning. Don't worry; the connection is secure. Click Continue.

Configuring Buddies

iChat refers to people you instant message with as buddies. In order to communicate with them you must first enter them into your buddy list.

  1. Select Buddies, then Add Buddies, or click the + icon in the lower left-hand corner of your Jabber List window.
  2. Click the New Person button or, if the person is already listed in your Address Book, select the name and click the Select Buddy button.
  3. If you selected New Person, you will see a window allowing you to provide an Account Name which should be the user's Jabber account address. For another Duke Jabber user, that would be the Duke NetID followed by the domain (for example, yourbuddy' To find your buddy's NetID, visit the OIT account self-service tool and use the DIRECTORY SEARCH.
  4. Optional: Provide a first and last name and email address for the user, then click Add.
  5. The new user will appear in your Jabber list and that person will receive a message indicating you want to add him to your buddy list. The new buddy needs to authorize you or grant you permission in order for you to add him to your list of contacts. You may receive a subsequent authorization message from the other user's Jabber client that will complete the process.

iChat Audio and Video Conferencing

iChat supports audio and videoconferencing with other Mac OS X Tiger users. Follow these steps to video or audioconference with the Duke Jabber system.

  1. Select the name of the person you wish to contact.
  2. Click the microphone or camera icon button at the bottom of the Jabber list window.
  3. The other user will receive an invitation to audio or videoconference. After the invitation is accepted, you both can begin conferencing.