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IM @ Duke - Jabber

OIT offers support for instant messaging, a popular and convenient tool for communication with people at Duke and elsewhere. Although there are many protocols for instant messaging, Duke has chosen the Jabber protocol because of its open-standards-based approach, security and the availability of client software for multiple platforms.

Visit the Jabber Web site for more information.

Getting Started

OIT supports the Pidgin client for the Windows and Linux platforms and the Adium client for the Mac.

Locating a User's NetID

For Duke buddies, you must know the person's NetID to add them to your contact list. Follow these steps to locate another Duke user's NetID.

  1. Go to Online@Duke.
  2. After you authenticate, enter the person's name in the search field on the right column and click Search. The person's NetID will be included in the information returned.

Specific points to note about using Jabber at Duke

Find guidelines and answers to questions you may have about using Jabber.