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Exchange Setup

OIT recommends that students with Exchange accounts use Outlook Web Access (OWA), which allows access from any location through a Web interface. If you choose to use a client other than OWA, follow the instructions below to set up your client while connected to the Duke network.

Specific E-mail Setup Instructions

*NOTE: If you are accessing your Exchange account through Outlook 2003 from a remote location, make sure you have configured Outlook Anywhere.  See additional information here.

Mobile Devices

You can access your Exchange mail and calendar data from many mobile devices.  For additional information and instructions, see Duke's knowledge base.

Additional Setup

Not all Duke e-mail users are in the Global Address List.  Setup your e-mail client to access Duke's LDAP, which contains contact information for the entire University.

IMAP Clients

You may use other mail clients (Thunderbird, MacMail, etc) to access your Exchange e-mail; however, you will not have access to your calendar and other features that Outlook and Entourage offer.  Please see the server settings for additional information.