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Exchange Account Settings

You can manage most of your Exchange account settings through Outlook, Entourage or Outlook Web Access. You can check your Exchange quota, set up spam rules, e-mail forwarding and a vacation message.


Duke automatically allots each Exchange user 2 GB of e-mail and calendar storage space. OIT will notify you by email as you approach your quota. If you find you are approaching your quota, please visit the knowledgebase for help managing your quota.

Vacation messages

You can write a vacation message that will be sent automatically to anyone who sends you an e-mail for a period of time you designate. This helps if you're going to be on vacation or won't be checking your e-mail for a while. Visit the knowledgebase article for additional information.

E-mail forwarding

Want to send your Duke University Exchange email to a different e-mail address? Please see these instructions on how to forward your Duke email. Email Forwarding

Privacy preferences

Visit the OIT account self-service tool, open MANAGE DIRECTORY LISTINGS, and then open "Set who can see your email address."

E-mail aliases

Want an e-mail address that's easier for your friends to remember? Toset your email alias, visit the OIT account self-service tool, open MANAGE DIRECTORY LISTINGS, and then open "Change your full-name alias."

For more information about e-mail aliases, visit our e-mail alias FAQ page. 

Filter your e-mail 

Exchange will check every e-mail sent to your account for spam and viruses. You can set additional junk mail rules on your Exchange account to further reduce spam.