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lynda Case Studies

The lyndaCampus Online Training Tutorials have been a great resource at Duke. Read what our users are saying.  If you'd like to share your experience and potentially be featured here, send an e-mail to

Terry Banfich, Trainer/Analyst - Duke University Development

Whether at work or at home it seems there are never enough hours to get it all done.  What I value about is that it is 24/7.  If I need a quick tip about how to do something in a software program, or even to clear my brain, or shift my eyes from rows and rows of data, a good 10 minute excursion with lynda will likely do the trick.  The program contents are formatted so I can find what I need quickly and move on and the online training library has so much to offer.   What is especially helpful is that I can also learn new programs and skills in the evening gaining valuable professional development that I’m interested in.

Antonio Bogaert, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Art - Art History & Visual Studies

The online training tutorials offered by Duke Online Training are a wonderful supplement to my photography practice course. Students can benefit from easy to understand and high quality video tutorials for learning fast Photoshop Lightroom 3 photo editing skills.

Melissa Eggleston, Communications Specialist - Department of Economics

I use for ‘just-in-time’ training when I can’t remember or don’t know how to do something. For example, I might need to fix a photo but need some Photoshop direction. I can go right to that exact section in the lynda Photoshop training and just learn what I need to in that moment. But I also use for professional development. If I find myself with extra time or needing a break from day-to-day work, I will put on a lynda training video about software I don’t know or watch one of the inspirational videos from professionals in the field. It’s always a good use of my time.

Sarah Goetz, Undergraduate - Class of 2011, Visual Studies Major with certificates in Arts of the Moving Image & Documentary Studies has been essential for my development both professionally and artistically. I learned Illustrator in one week and got a job in graphic design the next. The lynda tutorials taught me how to use Dreamweaver more efficiently. Even when you know a program fairly well, lynda tutorials can help you get to the next level - saving you time and much frustration.

Cameo V. Hartz, M.A. - Assistant Director, Duke University Career Center

As a career counselor at Duke's Career Center, I have lots of opportunities to talk to students transitioning from one set of experiences to the next.  Sometimes this requires thinking creatively about how to learn new things and build confidence with new skills. has been an online classroom that students I know have used to support their technical work on both artistic web portfolios and image/film editing.  Recently, I have also found a use for in my own work.  During winter break, I watched half of the Google Analytics series and intend to return to finish the rest.  We're building a new web and social media strategy in the office and the videos accelerated my learning faster and more comprehensively than other sources I've tried.  It's great to learn from experts and at my convenience and pace.  In addition to recommending it to students, now I also get to share my excitement with colleagues.

Diane Harvey - Head, Instruction & Outreach and Librarian for Global Health, Perkins Library is used by both library staff and library users.  For our staff, having immediate access to training tools through has been invaluable in a time of reduced funding for training.  Staff members have accessed training in iPads, digital imaging, and web design.  Librarians often refer students and faculty to, as the library doesn’t provide training in productivity tools.

John E. Johnson - Departmental User Services Specialist, DukeCME

I have found to be a valuable asset, ever since it's initial offering, and have used it consistently for almost three years.  I am always amazed at the new offerings, and the variety of software training available. Whether I've needed to learn some of the latest techniques to a software upgrade, or a whole new skillset, this has been an invaluable resource for me.

Richard Lucic, Associate Chair - Computer Science, ISIS Program Curriculum Director has proved to be an effective and valuable educational resource for my courses.  I have used the video tutorials in class to demonstrate important concepts, and have placed links to on my class BlackBoard websites as assignment resources.  I believe that my students are better prepared to tackle learning of complex tools because of the availability of the tutorials.  I find that I am spending far less time in class teaching tools when the goal is really to utilize the tool in the creation of a learning activity.  For me personally, the lynda tutorials have proved invaluable in keeping up with the latest advancement in pace of tool development.  For instance, the Adobe Creative Suite has been updated annually for the past several versions.  Having this resource available helps me keep ahead of the curve.

Jacqueline Murray, Accounting Specialist - OIT

I recently attended a 2 day  training session off campus for QuickBooks and came back with more questions than answers. I was referred to by OIT Training and thought I maybe could get some answers there. WOW!! What a great site!!. I was able to follow the instructions and the material is all up to date so I am learning the program in current time. I plan to take additional classes through This is a great training asset for the Duke Community. This is a great investment for Duke and provides great training modules. This would be great to use for departmental training of new modules. I will share this with my co-workers for their training needs.

Michael Palko - Maestro Care Principal Trainer, Cadence - Duke University Health System

Associated with the Maestro Care implementation is the effort to document, using Visio diagrams, the related workflows involved in the day-to-day activity of Duke University Health System staff.  Since I was a “Visio newbie,” I was apprehensive when the task of finalizing those diagrams fell to me.  So, I turned to for some help in learning the basics of creating and editing documents.  After viewing the online tutorial, I was able to create some extremely valuable documents that will not only be of benefit to me as an instructional designer in creating curriculum for training, but will also benefit DUHS staff in analyzing and improving efficiency, as well as the System Analysts who are building and configuring Maestro Care. Thanks Duke and thanks!

Cathy Rice - Financial Services Systems Support

I LOVE that Duke has lynda.  I use it every chance I get!

Chuck Rodgers, Director of Informational and Instructional Technology - Graduate Medical Education, Duke University Hospital has been a great resource.  The quality of the educational material is good and the information is up to date.  I have been using to learn more about WordPress and I have been able to put the things I have learned to immediate use as well as sharing the information with others.

Cara Rousseau, Social Media Manager - Office of Undergraduate Admissions/Office of News & Communications is a great professional development resource for the Duke community. The valuable time I've spent in online training tutorials provides the training I need to stay fresh and current on social media trends and strategy. Duke staff, faculty and students are fortunate to have free access to this useful site. When I conduct training sessions and presentations across campus, I always recommend to departments and institutions as a place to build stronger skill-sets.

David A. Steinbrenner, Staff Assistant - Office of Postdoctoral Services

I am grateful that Duke has made available and its online tutorial videos.  Rather than having to pay a lot of money to go and take a class somewhere, I have been able to learn in spare moments throughout the day how to use Photoshop and how to build a Drupal website from scratch (I learned more from these Drupal videos than I did recently taking an all-day course off site on the same subject).  And perhaps one of the most convenient aspects is that if I forgot how to do a particular part of what I had learned, I can go online and watch again the particular video segment addressing it.  If there is something technical that you need to learn, it is likely that has a video course for it.

Debrah Suggs, Analyst IT, Senior - OIT Shared Services and Infrastructure

In these times of tight budgets, I look to the training available on to keep my existing skills current and expand my knowledge in new directions. I've learned about a wide range of topics including Drupal, WordPress, MySQL, SharePoint, and Microsoft Office. I'm able to play the lessons at faster speeds so I can cover a large amount of material in a shorter time frame. And I love the fact that keeps it's courses up-to-date as it continues to provide new content. It's a great training resource for the Duke community.