Your ePrint Quota

The ePrint quota is designed to help ePrint users recognize the cost and value of the service, and to encourage reasonable, sustainable printing habits.

Allocations for students

Duke students receive an allocation of $32 per semester in black-and-white laser printing at Duke's ePrint stations in libraries, computer labs, and public spaces. If your balance falls below $9, you can request unlimited, immediate increases in your allocation in $10 increments; there is no cost or charge to increase your print allocation. Note: If you exhaust your allocation, your print jobs will be charged to your FLEX account until you request an allocation increase.

View your quota or request an increase

Log into MY DUKE and click on DukeCard. (You can also visit the site directly at this link.)

Allocations for others

Faculty, staff and other affiliates receive unlimited free printing. Visitors to Duke facilities who lack an ID card can purchase public print/copy cards from campus libraries and add value to those cards in order to be able to use the ePrint system.

How printing is charged

All documents sent to the ePrint-OIT and ePrint-OIT (2-sided) print queues will be charged at $0.02/page for single-sided and $0.01/page for double-sided printing (minimum cost $0.02). The default free allocation provides up to 3,200 pages of free double-sided printing per semester. Print double-sided to maximize your print allocation and reduce the impact on our environment!

FLEX or public print card charges for black & white print jobs that are unacceptable in quality (low toner, smudging, paper jam, etc.) will be refunded on request. Refund requests are accepted only for charges to FLEX and public print cards, not for charges to free ePrint allocations. Contact the OIT Service Desk to place a refund request.

Color laser printing in Duke's libraries is $0.25/page, charged directly to FLEX.