Printing with ePrint

The ePrint system enables students to print from computers and devices to print stations throughout campus

Get started

Download and install the free software once, and then use ePrint as often as you like.

Note: Linux users don't install software. See below about using ePrint printers on Linux.

How to print using ePrint

Printing in black and white prints is free, subject to a quota system. Printing in color costs 15 cents per page, charged to your DukeCard Flexible Spending Account (FLEX).

Please keep these guidelines in mind when using ePrint. 

  • Do not use printers as copiers. If you need multiple copies of a document, photocopy it.
  • Recycle unwanted paper. Each computer lab has recycling bins.
  • If the printer is out of paper, toner, etc., report the problem.
  • Send each print job only once. ePrint Reprint (see below) gives you the opportunity to retrieve an older job from the print queue again.
  • Save paper by printing on both sides of every sheet.
  • Monitor your ePrint quota throughout the year.

ePrint reprint

Duke's ePrint distributed printing system allows you to print a job again without running back to your computer. Now, after you retrieve your job at a print station, the job goes back into the print queue for 15 minutes. If you need to reprint the job within that timeframe, just swipe your DukeCard at any station and choose the job out of the list of available jobs in your print queue.