Multimedia Project Studio


The Multimedia Project Studios are specialized computer labs servicing Duke's students, faculty and staff that specialize in tools for the production of multimedia and graphic content. Priority use of the MPS is given to patrons engaging in multimedia-relavent activities.

Student Media Professionals

The MPS provides specially trained student staff that can assist you with your multimedia projects. While we strive to maintain staffing hours from noon to midnight, Sunday through Thursday during the Fall and Spring Semesters, there may be times when that schedule is adjusted to accomodate our student staff's schedules. It is highly recommended that you check the up to date schedule before visiting the MPS if you wish to consult with a student staff member.

Page Directory

East Campus branch (115 Lilly Library) - map


Open:  When Lilly Library is open.
Staffing: Unstaffed

West Campus branch (006 Bostock) - map


Open:  When Bostock Library is open.
Staffing: West Campus Live Schedule

Both labs feature high-end, integrated hardware and software that encourage imaginative creation and editing of graphics, Web pages, audio and video. Production tools include industry standard software.

  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio for video editing
  • Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, etc.)

The top-of-the-line workstations in each lab are equipped with specialized peripherals, such as drawing tablets, scanners, video digitizers and DVD burners.

Find out what technology is available in the labs

Trained technicians are on staff in the MPS in Bostock to help you with your multimedia projects during scheduled hours, but are not able to do production work on your behalf. To get acquainted with the staff and their particular areas of multimedia expertise, check out the MPS staff profiles. While in the labs, you can also get help from the learning library stocked with manuals and other reference materials.

NOTE: Although patrons are able to save work locally on these machines during their session, it is required that you back up all of your files to your own external hard drive or to a network storage space.  Files will be deleted periodically without notice. The MPS is not responsible for any lost or damaged files. 

MPS Special Facilities

MPS Studio


The MPS West Studio provides a place for recording video using tools such as Panopto, Camtasia, or QuickTime.  There is also a white board and black curtain that can be used as a backdrop. Here's a sample video produced at the MPS Studio. The MPS Studio cannot be used as a conference, meeting or study place.

MPS Audio Suite

The MPS Audio Suite provides professional quality microphones to allow up to two people to record audio in a sound controlled environment using Garageband, Audacity or Logic. Use of the audio suite is available by reservation only (see below).

General Reservation Policies

  • No facilities can be reserved for non-media use. Even if your reservation is accepted, if it is determined that you are doing non-media activities, you will be asked to leave, regardless of your reservation.
  • Check availability of the resource before submitting your reservation request
  • Reservations can be made as follows:
    1. Log into your Duke Office 365 account or Microsoft Exchange account
    2. Create a meeting on your calendar corresponding to the date/time you wish to reserve the resource
    3. Invite the resource you wish to schedule by searching it for it as an attendee: "MPS West Studio" or "MPS West Audio Booth"
    4. You will receive an automated confirmation email indicating if your reservation was approved or denied.
  • A reservation for the Studio is highly recommeneded to guarantee availabilty.
  • Reservations for the Audio Booth are required and are only available during staffed hours.
  • Reservations for the Studio can be made for any time the lab is open.  If you would like assistance during your session, make your reservation during staffed hours.  During the semester, our hours are Sunday - Thursday, noon to midnight, and Friday noon to six pm. However, schedules are subject to change, so the best way to ensure a staffer will be available is to check our live schedule. Patrons with reservations have priority over non-scheduled users.
  • All reservations are on a first come, first served basis. The MPS administration does not negotiate for rescheduling reservation on behalf of any patrons.
  • Reservations are limited to
    • 4 hours per session for the Audio Booth & Studio
  • If you show up more than 30 minutes beyond the start of your reservation, you have forfeited your reservation. 

Contact & More Information about the Multimedia Project Studio

For questions regarding multimedia tools or the MPS, email the MPS staff mailing list:
Erin Nettifee, MPS staff manager:

MPS phone: (919) 681-5547

MPS Service Model

Over the years since it’s inception, the MPS has slowly evolved to continue to meet the growing needs of our patrons. Take a look at our Service Model, a synopsis of what works, what doesn’t work, and what we can do to improve our services: MPS Service Model Document (PDF).